I Created A Monster?! 

Holy crap, what the hell happened to my daughter?! Just five minutes ago she was a teeny tiny baby depending on me to feed her orange mush and wipe her bum fifteen million times per day- but now? She’s turned into some sort of bloody monster!


Don’t let the cuteness fool you!

Violet goes to nursery two mornings per week, simply because we wanted her to have those mornings to herself without her having to watch me with her baby brother. It gives me 6 hours to get some things done around the house and 6 hours for her to play, socialise and run riot without me having to be the one to chase her. If we could afford more mornings she’d be in there. No doubt.

So this morning I dropped her off and received the usual “Bye Mammy, pick me up later!” With a swift wave of her hand and abrupt back turn, she was off. Honestly, she may aswell just stick her fingers up at me. ‘That’s right woman, you go spend your morning tidying up so when I get home I can trash the place all over again…’ Seriously, I’m sure that’s how toddlers think!

I headed back over (literally over the road from our house) to pick her up for her finishing and walked in to see this sweet little angel sat singing a song about a bumble bee and she was concentrating on copying the actions with the words. She looked so cute and perfect, I could have cried! Once she spotted me I got a finger point and a “not yet Mammy, I’m busy singing a song” Fair enough. Once she’d finished she jumped up and ran into my arms for a cuddle. Awww I hear you say, I know lovely right? Wrong.

We headed out the door whilst she told me how much fun she’d had but as soon as we stepped off the school grounds all hell broke loose! First it was the screams for a dodie (dummy) which I didn’t bring, it’s literally a minute walk home. Next it was an attempt to run onto the road! Then she decided to throw herself onto the ground because I couldn’t carry her the twenty steps home because I was pushing her brother in the pushchair. When I finally got her home the tears started with the high pitched screams for juice. I gave her juice- more high pitched screams because I put the juice in the wrong cup. How dare I?! She only has one flaming juice cup! So that was thrown across the room and the screams continued as she threw herself to the ground. This bout woke her brother up who then started to scream because of the fright he’d just had! Violet continued her tantrum because now her brother was upset and of course it was all my fault and then I lost my cool and sent her to bed! With no argument she ran up the stairs, jumped into bed and within 5 minutes was knocking out some serious Z’s.

Wowza’s. In all of ten minutes she went from angel toddler to midget of mass destruction. The ‘terrible two’s’ are ending and the mighty ‘threenager’ mode is kicking in fast!

She’s waking up and I’ shitting my pants for the rest of the afternoon. The Malibu’s on ice for later…

…tell me it gets better?!

Mother Hermit xx


Midwife and Life

12 thoughts on “I Created A Monster?! 

  1. Ah the dreaded threenager – it does get better but for us that only been in the last few weeks! I think the key is to encourage lots of naps they get super tired at that age… Or more nursery days! I feel you chick 2.5-4 was the hardest 18 months we have had xx #tribal love

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  2. Ahh I have all this to come! I love how they’re always angels for other people until you get them outside. Georgia has already started having a complete fit when I try and get her into the carseat after nursery. Planks are great fun huh? #triballove x

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  3. Midget of mass destruction! Haha! I am not looking forwards to the stropping toddler/rest of her life years! I have had too good whilst she has been a baby, so I am bound to have some sort of hell hound as a child in a year or so!

    Keep on keeping on! You’re doing great!

    Lucy xx

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  4. I love it! I feel like we are at the age now. Mine will be a perfect angel foe everyone but me. And then everyone wonders why my house is a disaster. I hope it gets better too. Maybe more naps are needed? You’re doing great! Keep it up and enjoy the Malibu. #TribalLove

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  5. Wow – I have all this to look forward to. The Popple has just started throwing tantrums, but she’s only one and can’t speak yet, so they’re not really that bad. They’re kind of funny, really. I’m guessing it gets less funny as they get older…#chucklemums

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  6. Having a two year old who I also send to childcare for two short days a week the things I took from this were a) amazement that you use that time to clean and b) jealousy that yours naps in the day, the rest all seemed so standard. AREN’T THEY SO LOVELY??
    Thanks for linking to #chucklemums lovely!

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  7. It doesn’t get better. How do I know? I was a teenager once and I have four step-daughters. My #chucklemums post was about the perils of teenage boys, of which I have have had two and one will hit his teenage years technically in 6 years time but I think he’s already there in spirit. I’m insane and so will you be. Hope this helps? 😉

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  8. Oh, man, we’re just entering the toddler tantrum stage! At the moment if you touch her food, or try in any way to help her eat it, Marianna has a total meltdown. I dared to wipe the spout of her bottle the other day after she dropped it on the floor, so a 20 minute screaming fit followed… x #stickyfingers


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