Happy Father’s Day

Massive Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s, Step-Dad’s and single Mother’s who are both the Mam and Dad- you all rock and I hope you’ve all been spoilt rotten! We’ve had a lovely family day as usual today, pretty much the ‘Our Typical Sunday’ one, with the added bonus of cards and presents for my Dad and G.

We all had a nice lazy morning curled up whilst G opened all of his cards and presents with the kids. I loved seeing the look on his face when he was opening the cards and small gifts because this year is the first year where they’ve all been handmade from nursery, playgroup or one’s weve made at home and obviously it’s his first Father’s Day as a Daddy to two kids.

As you can probably guess, the bulk of his presents were picked by our daughter Violet- she seems to have a theme going on of ‘Daddy Pig’ and chocolate 😂 She picked a chocolate fudge cake too but he hid that as soon as he opened it because he’s hoping to scoff the lot when she’s in bed! I love the Peppa Pig books she picked though because they’re perfect for them to sit and do together. And the underpants? Well she declared in the middle of Asda earlier this week that Daddy had to have ‘Daddy Pig Knickers!!’. Purchase made.

G got to spend the rest of the morning on his video games whilst the kids napped and I sorted some chores and prepared the dinner. Obviously a Lamb roast today as that’s Dad and G’s favourite.

When Dad arrived he got his cards and presents- The Revenant DVD, some new hankies and a Coffee and Walnut cake. He’d already had his present from the kids during the week because I was far too impatient to wait until today- a new record player! He was absolutely over the moon with it because we’ve recently come across all of his old records and he was sure they wouldn’t work anymore, so I bought the record player and tested them all out. He’s been listening to Black Sabbath, Lindisfarne and The Who (to name a few!) every day and night since! Once he’d opened everything we all sat down to the Lamb dinner which was pretty special if I do say so myself.

We ended the afternoon with the last suprise present I got for the Dad’s- tickets to see Kynren- a massive historical re-enactment event in Durham. It’s a joint gift for their birthdays too as they’re both in August when we’ll be going to see it. That’s right, I got myself a ticket too!

How did you celebrate Father’s Day?

Mother Hermit xx


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