BakerDays Letterbox Cake Review

Cake! Since being pregnant with my son I seem to have developed some kind of obsession with all things cake! So when the guys at BakerDays tweeted me to ask if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their Letterbox cakes, I clearly said yes! Come on, who’d say no to cake?!

The following week I received my cake through the post and I have to admit that I got a tad excited! It literally is a ‘letterbox cake’ because it’s just 5″ diameter, it fits perfectly through the letterbox! I actually had company at the time so I hid the box- no way was I sharing my cake! When I managed to get rid of the company I opened the box to find a gorgeous little tin (keeps the cake from being damaged as well as a nice little tin to keep), card and even a party horn, balloons and candles- very nice touch indeed. You could smell the utter sweetness of the cake through the tin, I was literally drooling a bit by this point and I hadn’t even opened it!

Upon opening I was greeted with this beautiful little cake! It’s really easy to remove it from the tin too as there’s a paper tab to pull up to help gently lift the cake out in one piece. I was really impressed with the design too- I went for a ‘Keep Calm’ motto as we didn’t have any special occasions coming up and I really liked this one. There are absolutely loads of designs you can choose from, which can all be personalised or you can design your own with a photo and if you place your order before 2pm you can have it the very next day!

It didn’t take long before the cake was cut into- myself and my daughter just couldn’t resist that sweet cakey smell! The sponge itself was very moist and covered in delicious vanilla buttercream- even on the bottom to help the cake stop sticking to the base- extra points from me, the more buttercream the better! The icing was very sweet, but not too sweet, it wasn’t sickly and was just the right amount for the size of the cake. We managed to save a small piece for G too and he said the same- it really was gorgeous.

The letterbox cake costs £14.99 and serves around 3-4 people but I suppose that depends what kind of mood you’re in because I could have easily eaten the full thing to myself! I do think that they make a great gifts and I would definitely send them to my friends and family for occasions if they don’t live local- who wouldn’t want to get home and find a cake amongst those bills?!

You can find BakerDays on Facebook, Twitter and their website here.

Mother Hermit xx


Disclosure; I was very kindly sent this letterbox cake from Bakerdays for the purpose of this review. All opinions are that of my own.


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