RainbowBee Design Review

I was asked by the lovely Josee from RainbowBee Design if I would be willing to work with her and help her out as she was looking for parents to test out and give feedback on some of her products. I immediately popped over to have a look at the website she had directed me to and was so intrigued straight away, so of course I agreed to help.

Josee and her husband Chris make food wraps and snack bags using all natural beeswax coated fabric with a touch of olive oil-no plastic. The beeswax used is from a local supplier where they live in Canada and they make the wraps and snack bags using their own designs, then coat the fabric in the beeswax. This is to create a barrier against any germs or moisture. The wax is then set with heat and left to dry and the product is ready to use- completely food safe! How amazing is that?!

Josee was kind enough to send me a snack bag (with zipper) and a food wrap to test out (both reusable might I add). It was beautifully packaged- and had lasted the postal service and border control sayings as it had come all the way from Canada to the UK! The first thing I noticed was the beautiful, sweet smell, which is the beeswax. The scent doesn’t transfer onto the food so there’s nothing to worry about there, but it does make the baby changing bag smell beautiful (disguises the poop & sicky stench!) when were taking Violet’s snacks out and about!

The wrap has fast become one of my favourite things to use in the kitchen without question. G finds it amusing how many things I’ve found I can use it for! I’ve used it instead of cling film, to cover food whilst cooking, to cover leftovers, to wrap sandwiches for G’s lunch for work, to put V’s snacks on when she’s out in the garden or in the house- honestly, you NEED one in your kitchen.

The snack bag really doesn’t disappoint either. The fabric design is gorgeous, Violet absolutely loves it. It’s so perfect for us because she loves to have snacks when we’re out and about but she loves things like carrot, cucumber and tomatoes and I often find that when I put these items in tupperware the box can sometimes open and I end up with fruit & veg juice all over the changing back and not much snack left that I can salvage for her to eat! So I started using freezer food bags but just look at it- who wants to carry plastic bags around when you can have one of these?! This particular snack bag has a zip which is ideal for keeping the snacks in tact and because it’s coated in beeswax I don’t have any nasty leaks!

Every snack now has to go in this bag. As you can see by the pictures below, Violet even demands that her crisps be put in it.

Again, as the products are coated in beeswax they only need a quick wipe with a damp cloth when it comes to cleaning them too- total bonus!

I can’t recommend them enough and am already planning my next order as they also have Lunch Bags which I need and some more wraps! There are lots of different designs suitable for everyone- please pop over and have a look at the RainbowBee Design shop here.

You can also follow Josee on Twitter

Mother Hermit xx

Disclaimer- I was kindly sent these products in exchange for an honest review- all opinions are that of my own


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4 thoughts on “RainbowBee Design Review

  1. Wow, these look great! What a brilliant idea. I love the pattern! And I also like the fact they’re easy to clean 🙂 Lovely photos. #TriedTested

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