Our Typical Sunday

I love Sunday’s. It’s the one day of the week when there’s no playgroups or nursery, no shopping to be done, G’s off work and my Dad comes round for a Sunday roast. I try to make sure that any shopping  or chores that need doing are all done before Sunday but that NEVER happens.

We usually start the day with a lazy morning. Everyone wakes around 8am and the kids come in with us for snuggles before we all head downstairs for breakfast. Once that’s done G takes Violet swimming for a couple of hours while I get all of the chores done around baby’s naps. Then I put the dinner on. I use my slow cooker most weeks and switch that on the night before so then on Sunday all I need to do is put the veg on and dish up! By the time I finish that G & Violet are getting home & Dad comes in shortly after that. Dinner is at 1pm every single week- I can’t remember it ever being different and I’m never late because I’m always ridiculously hungry by then! We all sit together to eat dinner and rarely put the telly on whilst we eat- that way we all put an effort into a conversation!

Once dinner’s demolished, all the dishes get shoved in the dishwasher (only day of the week it’s used), the benches get wiped down and everyone retreats to the living room. There’s always some kind of sport on the telly which everyone watches whilst we play with the little one’s. Violet heads for her nap around 2/2.30pm and I always make my Dad a ‘posh coffee’. That’s what he calls it anyway- a Costa Caramel Latte from the Tassimo machine- it’s his weekly treat 😂 Shortly after that everyone takes it in turn dropping off- honestly we look like a family of nodding dogs dropping off then waking up with a fright!

Dad usually leaves between 3-4pm and the rest of the afternoon is total family time just the four of us. Sometimes we play in the garden, watch a film, make pizzas for tea, paint- anything! I absolutely love this weekly routine we have and love that my children are being brought up with a family tradition- especially the Sunday roast. As they get older I know they’re going to be busy with friends and football or dance practice, allsorts of things, but I really want to stick to having the Sunday dinner together as a family and perhaps a film afterwards.

What about you- do you have this tradition? What other traditions or weekly routines do you have?

Mother Hermit xx

Diary of an imperfect mum

13 thoughts on “Our Typical Sunday

  1. I think I know what I’m having for dinner tonight now!!

    It’s so nice to have a weekly routine like that, because you know you can relax and see your Dad.

    Me and my sister go to my moms every Wednesday to make sure we are her at LEAST once a week no matter what we are doing.

    Lu xx


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  2. This sounds so lovely. We try to make Sundays a familybday as well but sometimes life gets in the way. I actually got brave and let my todfler paint this past sunday. Yours is a great tradition indeed. #TribalLove

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  3. It’s so lovely having a family day! I wish we had roasts more often but my hubby doesn’t really like theme! I know… who knew such people existed. #triballove

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  4. Aw sounds like a perfect Sunday! We usually have a lazy day and go for brunch by the seafront with the kids and then go food shopping before having a roast too. It’s funny how traditions develop over time isn’t it? Xx #triballove

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  5. Sounds like a perfect way to spend Sunday to be. I think family traditions are really important and totally agree with you about making the most of it before the kids are older and wan to be out and about with friends etc. We call our Sunday’s lazy sundays and usually spend a long time all snuggled up in our bed to start with before the boys disappear to do their thing. We have a start/end to the holidays family tradition of having a gourmet (cooking on a cook plate) together or if the weather allows a BBQ. Anything for a bit of quality time with the family. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

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