Are you managing okay?

Since I had my baby boy 10 weeks ago, all anyone seems to ask me is ‘Are you managing okay?’  Now I appreciate some of this is genuine care, but seriously, do I really look that bad?! Does everyone think I’m struggling or something?! Yes I have a toddler and a new baby. Yes i’m often turning up to playgroups with baby vomit in my hair. Yes I probably have been seen having an argument about dog poop in the street with my toddler. (Something along the lines of ‘Look Mammy, dog poop!’ ‘Yes that’s lovely, come on’ ‘Oo Mammy, me pick the poop up?’ ‘Step away from the poop NOW!!!’- it went on a while 😳) Yes some days all I can do is moan about having to scrub urine out of the carpet. Yes some days I just want to be alone and will go out of my way to ignore people. And yes some nights I find myself working my way through a bottle of wine, but it’s all normal, right?! It’s just being a parent. That simple question makes me feel like the worst parent in the world. Like people are looking at me thinking that I’m clearly not the type of woman who can handle being Mother to two children under 3. Probably because I’m young. Sheesh.

Well I think I’m managing just fine!

Rant over 😂

Mother Hermit xx



8 thoughts on “Are you managing okay?

  1. Hello Vanessa, I remember finding these questions frustrating with my first (and only) one. Yes, completely normal to have baby vom everywhere but inside the baby as far as I’m concerned. And wine is a parenthood dietary requirement. I guess the important thing to remember is that if you’re felling down, irritable, short-tempered or lethargic (not just dog-tired!) in any way for an extended period of time, only you can start to pick apart whether this is something more than just being bloody exhausted or ‘not managing’. I’m sure your friends and family just care, but don’t realise how their concern is coming across.

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  2. YUP. I actually had someone ask me if my son was my child the other day, I was so confused, did I look like a nanny or something? I think it’s because I don’t look like a “Mum” whatever that means and relatively young. I can’t believe you have 2 under 3, good work girl I can only imagine how busy your day is!

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  3. I’m with you here! I look really young too and sometimes people look at me, then look at Emma. I hate that instant judgement! Stop the judgey face 😫 Rant away my lovely, so many people will be able to relate to this and I’ve found its got better now Emma is a bit older but I agree it’s the last thing you need! Xx #triballove

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  4. Don’t worry. I’m not young but I am a single parent, so I get asked this relatively frequently. I think people are just trying to be nice. I quite often think people are judging when Piglet is having a tantrum but there have been many occasions when someone has stopped to tell me they think I’m handling it well, so who knows, they may actually be thinking something nice!

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    • Thank you for your comment lovely. It’s very hard to decipher what people are actually trying to say to you but I guess you just have to look at it as them saying something nice or you’d be forever stressed! x


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