Krakow Here We Come!

For years I have said that I’d love to travel somewhere abroad in winter to visit a Christmas Market. For years I’vd hinted on to G and a couple of times I’ve nearly, very nearly, booked a break away- but it’s never happened. Last week G finally admitted that he has no interest in going to ANY Christmas Market. Thank lasagne for that! I honestly thought he’d never admit it and I’d never get to go. Anyway, as soon as he made his confession last week, I sent a quick Whatsapp to my sister who was very very interested! We seemed to have Bruges stuck in our head but after sending an enquiry to a local travel agent we found that we would have to take a flight to Brussels then make our own way to Bruges on a train. No thank you. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m thick but that’s exactly the kind of situation my anxiety would have a field day with! Being in a strange country trying to figure out a train system and use a map to find where I’m going? I’m adventurous, but not THAT adventurous 😂

So the lovely lady at the travel agents suggested Krakow. Now my initial reaction contained ‘swear words’. Honestly, Krakow? As in Poland? Whyyy? I decided to take to the internet and have a good old browse of Trip Advisor and the likes and Oh.My.God, I fell in love! Reading reviews, looking a photographs, browsing travel guides, I just totally fell in love with everything Krakow! 😁

During a 5.30am bottle feed this morning I did loads more research, double checked the hotel reviews, the currency, average prices, flight times etc etc and this afternoon my sister and me headed into our local town to the travel agents. Within 5 minutes the whole thing was booked and even though it’s not until December, I’m ridiculously excited! I do feel a little sad at the fact that I’ll be without my kids for 3 nights, but I honestly know that come December I’m going to need those 3 nights away with my sister sampling the local beers and doing lots of shopping!

Let the countdown begin!

Mother Hermit xx


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