Ella’s Kitchen

A couple of weeks ago whilst doing the usual ‘scrolling through Twitter’ routine, I noticed a message pop through asking if I’d be willing to receive some snacks for my toddler to review. Of course I said yes- nothing like a treat for my girl- but I’m typing the review because if my toddler V wrote it, whilst being very amusing with a lot of ufwdyugHJLGVFIYLGEIYRG8E9YYUG- I don’t think we’d get much sense out of it! Although she did do all of the taste testing- I couldn’t get a look in!

A few days after the email exchange the postman appeared at the door with a huge red box! I was a bit confused if I’m honest, you know that flash of panic, ‘Ohhh no, I’ve been doing that drunken online shopping again?!’, then I noticed the Ella’s Kitchen logo! I’ve heard of Ella’s Kitchen before but it’s not something I’ve ever bought or had an opportunity to try so I was a little excited  for my V. She was napping when it arrived (we don’t get our post until 2pm, how lame is that?!), so I quickly opened it to take a photo and have a peek at the contents because I knew once she was up and noticed it the box would be upside down!

The first thing I noticed was the colours- super bright colours- I love them! When V got her chance to have a peek the next morning she gave a huge squeal of delight- and then demanded ‘Crisps!’. That’s because the little packets look exactly like crisps packets and she’s a massive crisp fiend! At first I told her no- no way are you having crisps for breakfast- but then I noticed that the blue packet was fruit- Raspberries and Peaches- so I thought what the hell, it’s a nice treat for her anyway. I’m not going to lie, the whole packet was inhaled within 5 minutes. I wasn’t sure she’d like the other flavours but that was a bit silly of me because there’s not much our V doesn’t like. I gave her a pack of the Carrot and Lentil Sticks for her snack the other day and didn’t tell her the flavour. Half way through the pack she turned to me and said “Mammy, these carrot sticks, they’re tasty!”- so they obviously taste exactly how they should! We took a pack of the Cheese and Leeks Crunchy Wheels in her backpack to playgroup last week where she shared them out with her friends- every single one of the kids loved them! Her definite favourite has to be the Parsnips and Poppy Seeds Savoury Biccies. Both packs of those were gone pretty quickly and she keeps asking for more (I keep forgetting to look out for them when we go shopping).

I am very impressed with these Ella’s Kitchen snacks and will be buying them for my kids in future- when I remember to put them on my shopping list that is! There were a couple of helpful leaflets on weaning too- definitely my next thing to try as we’ll be starting to wean our little baby B soon!

Mother Hermit xx

Disclaimer; I was very kindly sent this box of Ella’s Kitchen snacks in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are that of my own and my toddler!


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