Mission Potty Training- Complete!

A few weeks ago I wrote the post All aboard the Potty Train!, all about the beginning of the potty training journey with my toddler daughter V. A few days after I wrote that post my in-laws came to stay with us for a week- I saw this as the perfect opportunity to give the potty training an almighty push. She absolutely adores her Grandparents and with her Daddy taking a few days off work to spend with everyone as a family, I knew it would help her progress with it.

For the first few days we continued with the nappy off- naked from the waist down- approach whilst we were at home and this worked a treat, with only a few accidents (on my brand new sofa’s might I add!). Lot’s of Fairy Liquid and Febreze used during those little episodes. She mostly used the potty because I really didn’t want to push the toilet and confuse her, but she did follow her Nanny a few times to show her what a big girl she was for having her wee’s on the toilet. I carried on ‘throwing’ her on the toilet for her poop’s when I caught her slipping into that favourite hiding spot, which she didn’t like at all, but I managed to persuade her by giving her one of her favourite books to read and standing outside the bathroom door. She did it one day and we praised her massively but she still didn’t like it and for the next couple of days she held it in and just refused to poop! What a madam! So I decided to be a madam too, even though it made me feel like a pretty sh1tty Mammy, I joined in the refusals by not letting her wear a nappy just to do her business. I really didn’t want to confuse her even more, letting her think she had to wee on the potty but poop in a nappy. I drank A LOT of wine those couple of nights!

It worked though! Sure enough after those couple of days holding everything in, V had to give in and go on the toilet. Fair play to her Daddy- it was when they were swimming and he had to run out of the pool and quickly ‘throw’ (we’re good parents, honest!) her on the toilet in the changing rooms. I’ll always remember the look on her face when she got home and burst through the door after swimming and announced to me that she’d had a ‘massive poo on the toilet’. Such a proud Mammy-moment to see how proud of herself she was. Everyday after that she asked to use her potty to do the deed but she’d ask you to hide it in another room and no one could enter until she had announced she’d finished! Honest, total madam. Obviously we followed her rules.

The in-laws left us to fly back home to South Wales on the Thursday (gutted!). On Friday V went to nursery with her nappy on but I spoke to the girls and explained how the potty training was coming along and they were totally lovely about it, really supportive and told me that they’d keep asking V if she needed the toilet. For the first few days she followed the girls to the toilet but had refused to sit on it- I put this down to the fact that she didn’t know these people, she’d only just started attending, so we let her continue wearing her nappies when she was out of the house. Now I’d been a bit naughty and had told V that she wasn’t allowed to wee in her nappy at nursery and she needed to tell someone when she needed the toilet but this seemed to work! After a few sessions she started telling the girls when she needed a wee and pretty soon it got to the point where she was using the potty and coming home in a dry nappy. How did that happen?!

So last week I just went for it. I bought her a pack of colourful knickers, let her pick a pair and took her into nursery with lots of spare leggings and underwear. Three hours later I went to pick her up to find that she’d used the toilet for the full session and her knickers were bone dry- no accidents! Woohoo! I was absolutely over the moon and our V was so proud of herself!

V now only wears nappy’s for her naptime and bedtime and the private poops are no more! She now happily announces to everyone around that she’s going to have a poop and sits on the potty whereve it is. My Dad’s face was a picture when she paused their game of coin counting on Sunday and announced that she was going to have a poop! 😂 We’ve been to playgroups, shopping trips and done family visits and not had one accident. Obviously I’m still carrying lots of spare underwear and leggings with me everywhere I go, she’s still a toddler and accidents are going to happen- but I’m so pleased to say that V is officially potty trained and I couldn’t be prouder right now!

Mother Hermit xx

Cuddle Fairy



10 thoughts on “Mission Potty Training- Complete!

  1. That’s brilliant! Well done 😀 Her, not you. Well, you too.

    I braved it just after Christmas but as soon as daddy went back to work the whole thing went wrong and she started weeing on the carpet in defiance so I’ve said we will do it this summer, which is rapidly approaching now… Ooo er!


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  2. I am in exactly the same position as Fran – we tried after Christmas but it was a disaster/too soon so I have also decided we’ll do it in the summer. Which is coming FAST. Congratulations though; that is awesome! #bloggerclubuk

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