Easy Gherkin Relish

Monday. Eurgh. One of those days where I couldn’t find any energy or ‘oomph’ to do anything- so I decided on something simple for tea. Opened the freezer to see a pack of hotdogs and a pack of bread buns we only went and picked up at Ikea last week! I was saved! However, the creative cooking goddess in me was crying out for something to do- cue the gherkin relish accompaniment!


3 large pickled gherkins (chopped however you like)

4 tablespoons of the pickle juice from the jar of gherkins

2 tablespoons of sugar

2 tablespoons of Ikea’s crispy fried onions

Okay, so the sugar you can just use whichever you have lying around- I used granulated because that’s what was in the tin next to the tea and coffee. The crispy fried onions you can use any onion really, I just shoved them in because we picked those up on our trip to Ikea. (No furniture picked up on this Ikea trip as you can probably tell!) And for the gherkins, I used a pickled jar from a supermarket which also had mustard seeds swimming within the pickle juice- tastes even better with some of these in the relish!

The method. Simply shove everything into a pan and bring to the boil (mind your eyes- the pickle can be quite strong and make them water a bit), then let it simmer gently while the relish thickens. Make sure you’re constantly stirring it or there’ll be some caramel explosion because of the sugar- and you’ll need a new pan! (Another trip to Ikea?!)

Basically, that’s it! I just added a few pinches of salt to take the edge off the sweet and sour of the sugar and pickle and voila- you have relish!

By the way, I totally recommend the Ikea hot dogs and hot dog buns, especially smothered in the relish- totally yummy! This is going to be perfect for those BBQ’s this summer.

Give it a go and let me know what you think- Enjoy!


Mother Hermit xx


Cuddle Fairy

2 thoughts on “Easy Gherkin Relish

  1. Hey! I don’t actually like gherkins! But you make it sound and look so tasty with the hot dogs too that I think I should give the relish a try. I do love the sweetness of relish 🙂 Might also need to visit Ikea soon to buy some hot dogs and buns. Oh and that daim bar cake they do .. yum! #Bloggerclubuk

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