Club Hub UK

A few days ago I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, looking through those suggestions they give you on who to follow and up pops Club Hub UK, so I thought I’d take a look- I couldn’t resist that cute little profile pic! It turns out that this little beauty is going to be a must have for parents with kids!

Club Hub UK is a FREE app in production which will enable us parents to locate children’s clubs and activities all around the UK. The idea for Club Hub UK came from the lovely Tessa Robinson who found it difficult to advertise her musical theatre children’s club ‘Tessa’s Jazz Hands’. You will be able to search using a postcode, the childs age and interest and this will generate relevant results. I honestly think this is a fantasic idea! It was only a few months ago I took to search engines to try and find some local dance classes to take my daughter to and what a horrible experience that turned out to be! I ended up having to click through endless links and websites, only to find out that the information I finally found which was suitable, was out of date!!

So if you’re like me and you want this process to be a bit easier when searching for clubs to keep the kids entertained- make sure you check out Club Hub UK on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their website (details below) for more updates on when the app will be released! 






Mother Hermit xx


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