Beach Trip

A couple of weeks ago I had a Sunday off from cooking a family Sunday dinner- totally unheard of for me. My sister text to say she was off work so she’d be having our Dad over for his dinner. At first I thought I’d still do a roast dinner for us, but after checking the weather forecast I thought it might be nice to head out for the day and we pretty quickly decided on the beach. We have loads of them not far from where we live but decided on South Shields, so off we went.

South Shields is an amazing place to visit- with or without children- and attracts loads of tourists during the year. In the Summertime (what we have of it) they have free festivals with live music and there are loads of shops and restaurants, a huge park, a funfair, crazy golf, a skate park and ofcourse a huge stretch of a beautiful sandy beach- all within decent walking distance of each other.

After parking up we decided to head straight for the beach. V was crazy excited because she has a massive thing for playing in sand!

It was pretty chilly and windy on the beach, even though the sun was shining, but that didn’t stop V. Kids have no fear at all- like she was bothered by a bit wind! She was off, having a good run allover the beach with her Daddy chasing behind 😂 I got to have a slow walk along as I was carrying baby B. After we’d had a good half hour along the beach I started losing the feeling in my hands- typical North East weather for you- so we decided to head to the fairground.

V has never had candyfloss before and that’s always the first thing I picture when I think of fairgrounds so I had to grab her a bag! The look of utter confusion on her face when I handed her a bit was hilarious, but once she saw Mammy and Daddy eating some it didn’t last much longer. Once the sugar rush hit she decided that she wanted to go on the huge inflatable slide. I still think of V as my little baby so the thought of her going on it alone terrified me. I tried to talk her out of it and persuade her to go on something else, like a trampoline, but that resulted in a massive temper tantrum! One of those tantrums where she looked like she was about to throw herself on the floor- so we gave in and let her go on the slide. Weirdly I’m totally thankful for that tantrum because watching her climb up the huge slide and the look of absolute delight on her face as she slid down, made me have a massive proud Mammy moment! She looked so teeny but was so brave!

After the slide the bravery continued, probably an adrenaline rush, as V decided she wanted to go on another ride and as soon as she spotted the Frozen car she wanted on. Yet again I was bloody petrified because she’d never been on anything like that but to save the temper tantrum I let her get on with it. As you can probably see by the first photo as soon as the ride started my poor girl panicked, we could see the unsure look on her face and she started whispering ‘Mammy?’- I was honestly nearly in tears! But after a bit of calling her name from Mammy and Daddy, she soon realised that we were still there and she was only going round and round- that’s when the huge smile hit her face. She was shouting ‘woohooo’ at the top of her voice and pretending to drive the car. Another proud moment for the parents there.

After the ride we had a look in the amusements and let her loose on the 2p machines. Her little face when more 2p’s came out, she was so happy! Then we headed to the hook a duck. The lady running this was lovely and let us take our time on it so V could have a bit play- cue more squeals of delight when she managed to hook a duck and pick her prize of an inflatable duck thingy! Yep. It can only be described as a ‘thingy’ but hey she loved it!

After  all the excitement and once the sugar-rush had started to wear off the tiredness started to hit so we decided to head back to the car and find somewhere to have dinner on the drive home. As soon as we started to dive though we noticed that V was struggling to keep her eyes open so we decided on grabbing a drive-through dinner from KFC and take it home to eat together. Safe to say that once our huge KFC dinner was demolished we all settled down for a nap.

Got to love family days out!

Mother Hermit xx

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Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

17 thoughts on “Beach Trip

  1. Ahh I love this, a classic seaside trip out! I completely get the feeling of watching your child doing something that makes you feel scared and proud…although I’m still too much of a wimp to let my son go down the really big slides, the thing is I know he’ll get to the top and not go down (he won’t at playares) so then I’d have to climb up and etc etc not happening! I also love that you normally do a family roast on a Sunday. I would love us to do this tradition here but my husband works on a Sunday and no other family members near by. But it sounds really special (even if the odd break from routine is good!) #KCACOLS

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  2. Such a fun looking day, one to remember with so many classic English seaside activities, no wonder V was struggling to stay awake back in the car. I’d love you to join me for Country Kids, it is a link up for all outdoor adventures. Popping by today from #KCACOLS .

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  3. I came across to read this great post as we’ve got one about the beach too. I was pleasantly surprised to see you are just up the road from me! We have some great beaches on the North East coast don’t we? Looks like you had a fabulous day. Glad to have come across you. Pop over and say Hi at Family Makes some time xxx

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  4. Lovely beach. Love a sandy beach. I’ve Been lumbered with stoney beaches most my life! Wow that blow up slide is immense, so proud mummy! #countrykids

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  5. I want a trip to the beach! A lovely family day – I am totally with you on feeling fearful when they want to try something daring – fear strikes that she will want me to rescue her from a trampoline or inflatable slide! lool Lovely pictures xx

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  6. Aww what a lovely day!! I love going to the beach and if you are with the family even better. Last week the weather was amazing, almost 27C in London. Loving all your photos! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I’m so sorry that I’m commenting so late this week but I had a hectic one. I’m just catching up. Hope to see you again this week, 🙂 x

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