Planning my Dad’s funeral… with a cauliflower?!

 Waaaait! Put the tissues away! My Dad is NOT dead! However, when he came for his Sunday roast yesterday, one of the first things he said to me was “I’m going to arrange and pay for my funeral this month”. Well, I absolutely bloody shit myself! Excuse the language but come on! What else would you do?! I think my face said it all, stood there with a rather blank expression, probably a lot paler than usual all I could say was “Why?! What’s wrong with you?!”- I was honestly about to crumple to the floor in agony. 

My Dad is my absolute hero and I worship the ground he walks on. I would do absolutely anything for him and plan on being by his side everyday and be his carer full time when/if it ever comes to that. I do as much as he allows me too at the minute but he’s a rather healthy 65 year old man and a very proud one at that, so he tends to try and do everything on his own. Oh anyway, there’s nothing wrong with him- sorry to keep you in suspense there! 🙈 He’s fought cancer in the past, and kicked it’s arse might I add, so for a split second I really thought he was going to say it had come back- thank the daffodils that’s not what he said!

It turns out he went out for his usual weekly drinks at the local club with the usual bunch and the topic had turned to funeral costs (miserable bunch eh?). Now my Dad isn’t tight with his money, but he doesn’t like to waste money if he doesn’t need to either. So when he heard that the cost of a standard funeral is increasing all of the time he asked them a bit more about it. It turns out quite a few of his friends have already planned and paid for their own funerals through Age UK. 😳 Is it just me that thinks that’s a bit weird?! It did make a bit more sense when he explained about the rising funeral costs and not wanting me to be lumbered with the costs when I have young children and a mortgage. 

It wasn’t really something i’d ever imagined discussing with my Dad, at least not yet anyway! We’ve ordered the information pack from Age UK so we can start looking into the options he has. We did try and discuss it on Sunday but it turns out he wants to be put in a cardboard box with ‘This Way Up’ written on the side! And at the very mention of flowers all I got was, (Imagine it in a very broad Geordie accent!) “Aal I want on top of me cardboard box is a f**king cauliflower!” 😂

That’s my Dad for you! 🙈

Cuddle Fairy

One thought on “Planning my Dad’s funeral… with a cauliflower?!

  1. lol your dad is a real character! He could be onto something with this cauliflower idea! Thanks so much for linking up with us at #bloggerclubuk x

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