My Week #1

  This week has been a busy one for me which I have to admit, I don’t mind at all! I love having my routine and sticking to it but I love having something to do everyday whether it be planned or last minute. I mentioned in my last post about how I often feel alone and this tends to be worse when we have no plans, nowhere to go and we’re just stuck in the house. Then again, if we’re so busy to the point I don’t feel like I’ve stopped, I tend to get a bit down and just want one of those ‘hermit day’s’ with the doors locked! Can’t win! Anyway here’s what happened in my week;

Monday– Was a very emotional day for me because I realised it was my last day with my daughter V before she started Nursery! We don’t qualify for the free 2 year funding but really felt she would benefit from some time in a Nursery setting. Plus it would give me a few hours to have 1:1 time with my son B, without feeling like I was taking time away from V. So we spent the day at home having lot’s of cuddles, watching films together, reading her favourite books and attempting to nail the potty training!

Tuesday– First phased visit at Nursery! This consisted of me sitting in an office filling out paperwork for 50 minutes while V went into the nursery room to play! Rather heartbreaking that she went straight in without any questions but once the paperwork was complete and I went back into the room, she knew it was time to go and had no problem leaving with the promise that she could come back tomorrow! Back home to another day of potty training & playing!

                             V off to nursery

Wednesday– Today I actually had to leave V at nursery for an hour. Leave her there, without me… Being brutally honest I nearly shit my pants! Yet again though V walked straight into the nursery room and simply turned round and shouted “Bye Mammy!”. Proud! Took B next door to playgroup before picking V up and bringing her into playgroup too for a few hours. After that it was home time for naps then another afternoon of potty training! Oh and waiting in for a massive online shop- I made the mistake of not paying the extra 40p for carrier bags, simply because I don’t need anymore of them in the house, which resulted in shopping allover the house and a very impatient delivery man while I unpacked everything one by one! Whoops!

                   Scoffing her face at Playgroup!


Just some of the mess created by my Online Shopping fail! πŸ™ˆ

Thursday– Another day of leaving V at nursery for 1.5 hours (last day of her phased visits to get her ready for starting 11th April). Still no problems, went straight in and came straight out when I went to pick her up! For me it was chores and cleaning galore from 7am as the inlaws were coming up from Wales to stay with us for a week- longest they’ve stayed with us so I was even scrubbing skirting boards in my pj’s! Had one very excited little V so she went to the airport with Father Hermit to pick her Nanny & Bampy up while I continued to rush around the house tidying like a crazy woman! Once they were here they spent the afternoon keeping V & B occupied whilst I baked a pie for tea which I really enjoyed- it’s not often I get the chance to bake!

The Cornedbeef & Tattie pie I made- notice the Welsh touch 😁

Friday– Father Hermit took the day off to spend with his parents but they decided to take her for a wander into town so we could have some time to do what we needed. I was a tad excited waiting for B’s new pushchair to arrive- the Graco Evo! Once it arrived and Father Hermit had worked his magic putting it together (very simple- but don’t tell him I said that!), I was dying to test it out so we took a trip to Asda. We spent the rest of the day at home as a family and I made a lush tea of chicken, new tatties & salad- nom! Nice relaxing night for us and the in-laws popped out to the local club for a game of bingo and a few cheeky drinks.

                                   Test drive!

Saturday– In-laws decided to take V out for a few hours so off they went to catch a bus to our local market. V’s favourite thing to do with her grandparents at the moment is go to Costa for a smoothie and cake so that was top of the list before the market! Myself, Father Hermit and B took a trip to the Metrocentre (huge indoor shopping centre here up North!) to find me some jeans that I could actually fit into! I had B 7 weeks ago so I’m still carrying a lot of baby weight and in-between sizes so a Primark job was needed! The cheeky McDonalds afterwards didn’t help but nevermind! πŸ˜‚ Saturday night was fight night (boxing on the telly) so we had my sister and brother-in-law over for drinks whilst the in-laws went out for a few drinks at another one of our locals. This was my first ‘proper’ drink since having B so as you can imagine, myself and my sister, N, got a bit carried away- woke up to see that we’d gone through five bottles of wine and some kind of alcopop we found at the back of the fridge! Oh and we both found some quite amusing selfies on our phones! πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š Good times!

                     That’s me in the black!

Sunday– As you can imagine I woke up with a bit of a sore head but after a pint of water, some paracetemol and a splash of water to the face I was up and ready to go! Managed to get all of my chores done and prep the Sunday Roast whilst Father Hermit and the in-laws took V swimming. I made a gorgeous lamb dinner for everyone and my Dad who comes for his Sunday dinner most weeks. The afternoon was a nice lazy one with the men watching football, me doing a bit blogging catch up and Nanny and V having a nice explore in the garden since we actually had sunshine 😳 The lack of sleep soon caught up with me and Father Hermit though so once the kids were tucked up in bed and the in-laws had went out for the night, we went to sleep! πŸ’€

    The gorgeous slow-cooked Lamb for dinner!

So that was my week! Nothing very exciting happening but a busy one for us. We’ve got the in-laws here until Thursday so I think this coming week might be another busy one. Although i’m hoping they’ll help lots with the kids so I can get some blogging done! 😁

Have a great week everyone! 


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