My first post!

No idea what I’m doing here if I’m perfectly honest, but as a mother to two young children, as gorgeous as they are, I need to be able to rant. I suppose a blog is a bit like talking to yourself- perfect for a hermit! I have no idea whether my posts will ever be read by anyone other than myself but I know it’ll help me!

I say i’m a hermit but these days I’m a bit more of a ‘part time’ hermit. Having kids has pushed me to do more, socialise more, attend baby groups and basically get out of the house! I can’t do that everyday though. I’m sure there’s lots of other Mother’s out there who have those days where all you want to do is stay indoors with your kids and pretend like no one else exsists, right?!

Today was a good day anyway, my Sunday Funday’s are family days- do the chores, make dinner for my little family and my Dad, play with the kids, have a nap, then relax with a glass of wine whilst watching Grey’s Anatomy! Bliss! However, I only have one full day left with my eldest baby before she starts nursery… Cue the tears 😢


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